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AFA Programs

As an accredited art and design college, DCAD maintains a comprehensive and demanding curriculum that provides the training necessary to compete successfully in today’s art and design markets.

Our Associate of Fine Arts program is a two-year degree program that encourages students to develop foundational art knowledge as well as technical skills in their desired medium. The AFA curriculum consists of 60 to 63 credits, composed of 39 to 42 credits in studio courses and 12 credits in liberal arts courses with 9 credits in art history.

Embedded into the studio and liberal arts curriculum are DCAD’s General Education core competencies of oral and written communication, quantitative literacy, critical thinking, information literacy, technology, and global citizenship. Surrounded by faculty who double as professional artists, students at DCAD are encouraged to grow and experiment with their personal style in a safe, welcoming environment.

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Liberal Arts

While studying at DCAD, your curriculum will include both studio and liberal arts classes. The discussion-based liberal art courses are designed to provide a multidisciplinary education in visual communications, art history, critical thinking, and global art cultures.

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Foundation Year

During your first year at DCAD, you and your cohorts will nurture your growth as individual artists in the Foundation Year program. During this time, all students, regardless of their program, focus on the same fundamental artistic questions. You will be immersed into studio classes that discuss drawing, color theory, and design in two, three, and four dimensions.

The purpose of the foundation experience is to develop visual literacy in basic studio technique and to promote understanding of the principles of visual arts. During your first two semesters at DCAD, you will work with materials, concepts, and skills that you will apply later in your program and artistic career.

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Community Education

Education for Artists at Any Stage. As part of our mission to give back to the Wilmington community, DCAD offers comprehensive courses for artists of any age and skill level.

Our Continuing Education Program provides individual, non-degree courses for those interested in advancing their art skills in specific areas. These classes are perfect for adults with art hobbies or professionals hoping to gain marketable art skills.

Community Education

Pre-College Program

The Pre-College Program is an immersive experience designed for high school students who dream of a career in art.

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