Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Graduates of DCAD’s Graphic Design program navigate exciting paths as they build careers to become noted Designers, Art Directors and Creative Directors. Start with us and join their ranks!
The mission of the Graphic Design Program is to provide students with an understanding of communication design principles and technical skills to successfully convey information to audiences who are reading messages in print, watching graphics in motion, and interacting with content on digital devices. 
In this program, you’ll explore contemporary design problems, historical theory, typographic principles, and audience awareness. As a result, you’ll gain working knowledge of what it takes to continue your studies at a four-year program or jump right into the workforce. DCAD’s design majors can transfer to BFA programs and, upon graduation, find success in design firms, advertising agencies, and with in-house creative teams working in the areas of branding, environmental signage, user interface, user experience, web design, social media, publication design, packaging, and motion graphics.
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What You’ll Learn

Problem Solving

Define the problem and the audience; collect the content; get messy, push pixels, play, and make stuff. Implement the design process, develop your own process, and turn mistakes into solutions as you apply your unique perspective of the world to experimental and real-world design problems. Make some prototypes, get feedback, and make it better.


Did you know the lowercase “g” has an ear, the “S” has a spine, and the uppercase “K”, “Q”, and “R” all have tails? Learn the anatomy, history, and principles of typographic form as you explore text-only projects, type in motion, and illustrated type.

Communication Design

Yeah, that looks amazing, but I have no idea what it means. Learn how to use the combinations of type, words, color, image, motion, time, and composition to create meaning in logos, websites, book covers, advertising, motion graphics, and interactive experiences. 

Fixed, Motion, and interaction design

Graphic design is all around us. Some of it is fixed in place on printed materials, some of it moves on the TV, and some of it is interactive on your phone. Explore the similarities and differences of the various media where your designs will engage an audience.

TODAY’S Design Skills

You will develop conceptual thinking skills, produce projects with industry-standard software, and present your ideas as you move through the curriculum that will prepare you to become an effective member of a collaborative team.

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Faculty and Staff

Headshot of Chris St. Cyr

Chris St. Cyr Program Chair, Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Jason Olney

Jason Olney Professor, Graphic Design
Graphic Design

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Benefit from our rigorous academics, hands-on studio work, and meaningful mentorship from our faculty of practicing, professional artists and designers.


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