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The mission of the Animation Program is to provide students with foundational knowledge and application of traditional and contemporary methods of motion generation. The curriculum prepares students with fundamental drawing and design skills, an understanding of the principles of motion, storytelling, conceptual development, and application of these disciplines through a variety of animation techniques.

What You’ll Learn

Story Telling

Create powerful storylines that engage audiences and convey messages. 

Principles of Motion

Calculate believable motion in projects that demonstrate principles universal to all forms of animation, including the knowledge of gravity and human locomotion.

Animation Techniques

Experiment with a variety of animation techniques by using both camera equipment and software.

Production Processes

Develop animation projects from start to finish, providing you with essential experience with the processes behind animation production.

History of Animation and Filmmaking

Analyze the history of animation and filmmaking, and gain valuable  knowledge of its technical development.

Faculty and Staff

Tad Sare Program Chair, Animation

Kofi Sarfo Animation

Take the First Step Towards an Animation Career

Benefit from our rigorous academics, hands-on studio work, and meaningful mentorship from our faculty of practicing, professional artists and designers.

Student creating a stop motion animation with clay

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