Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Master the concepts of fine art and create a stunning portfolio.

The mission of the Fine Arts Program is to provide students with studio experience in drawing, painting, sculpture, or printmaking, preparing them for the rigor of further study at four-year institutions of art in design. Bridging the foundational year experience, students connect their own creative expression to a solid foundation of work from observation and perception. Students will explore their technical abilities, critical awareness, knowledge of historical frameworks, and self-discipline to create a body of work that synthesizes their own artistic vision.

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What You’ll Learn

Fine Art Concepts

Explore current and historical fine art principles and develop your own technical skills.

Individual Style

Foster your individual expression through creative projects and professional guidance.

Artistic Visualization

Analyze your creative thinking, critical awareness, and analytic skills with the goal of enhancing your ability to communicate and evolve visual ideas effectively.

Transferable Skills

Enhance skills that prepare you for further study at four-year colleges in fine arts or other areas of art and design.

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In the painting concentration, you’ll gain a strong understanding of composition and color through courses in figure drawing, color, and 2-D design. In addition to courses that develop spatial awareness and technical skills, you’ll be encouraged to explore your unique style through studio electives and foundational classes.


Create a solid foundation in form and space by enrolling in DCAD’s sculpture concentration. In this concentration, you’ll strengthen your knowledge of drawing, 2-D design and 3-D design. These skills will become the basis for your understanding of sculpture, which you’ll explore through conceptual and process-oriented courses.


In the printmaking concentration, you’ll explore monotypes, etching, and block printing to enhance your understanding of traditional techniques. Starting with building a foundation in drawing and design, your studies will advance into printmaking, figure drawing, and mixed media studies.

Faculty and Staff

Aki Torii Fine Arts

Headshot of Žaneta Zubkova

Žaneta Zubkova Professor, Fine Arts
Fine Arts

Ellen Durkan Ellen Durkan
Fine Arts

Take the First Step Towards a Fine Arts Career

Benefit from our rigorous academics, hands-on studio work, and meaningful mentorship from our faculty of practicing, professional artists and designers.

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