Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

Discover the Thrill of the Liberal Arts

The mission of the Liberal Arts program is to provide students with an interdisciplinary understanding of art and literature as well as language skills essential for aspiring artists.  The curriculum supports your studio experience by emphasizing the connection between visual, written and oral communication. In your liberal arts classes, you’ll develop critical thinking skills designed to promote the exploration of various creative, cultural and intellectual disciplines.

What You’ll Learn

Art History

Categorize works of art, literature, and design from various historical periods and global cultures

Critical Analysis

Analyze the significance of art and literature and connect them to historical, cultural, religious, scientific, and stylistic contexts

Cultural Knowledge

Appreciate the diverse genres, styles, themes, and concepts of global literary and artistic masterpieces.

Written and Oral Communication

Apply the conventions of English grammar and critical analysis to written and oral communication




Art History

As a student of art history, you’ll examine significant works of art, architecture, and creative expression dating back to prehistoric times. These pieces of artwork, both famous and obscure, will build knowledge of the artistic techniques, theories, and approaches that have inspired artists for millennia.

Liberal Arts

In your general liberal arts classes, you will explore writing and composition in relation to the visual arts. These courses are designed to strengthen your written communication skills, as many career artists work alongside writers and communication specialists, as well as interpret and illustrate the messages behind communications.

Liberal Arts Electives

Your liberal arts electives credits allow you to explore the aspects of art, literature, and history that inspire you most. Whether it’s creative writing, moving pictures, non-western art, children’s literature, there’s bound to be an elective that sparks your interest.

Faculty and Staff

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Casey Smith Program Chair, Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts

Take the First Step Towards a Design Career

Benefit from our rigorous academics, hands-on studio work, and meaningful mentorship from our faculty of practicing, professional artists and designers.


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