Photography & Video

Photography & Video

Follow Your Love for Photography and Video

The mission of the Photography & Video Program is to provide students with the technical skills and aesthetic language necessary to develop a personal vision and communication skills through photography and video. As a photography and video student, you will be exposed to traditional and digital photo and videography practices, and learn to apply these technical skills to the development of your own vision. Upon graduation, you will have created a portfolio of photography and video that demonstrates both your technical and creative skills as well as your readiness for further study or a career in photography and videography.

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What You’ll Learn

Fine Art Photography

Learn to create and edit photos to successfully communicate our ideas and vision through the language of photography.

Digital Editing

Refine your work learning digitally based image processing with both still and moving images. Create new worlds or more accurately describe the one you choose to explore through Adobe software.

Studio Lighting

Explore the exciting world of the using artificial lighting and light modifiers in the studio and on location. These skills will open doors for client-driven photography, documentary and news photography, and fine art photography.

Black and White Photography

Discover technical and analytical skills required for digital photography through exploring your personal vision and creation of images of the world around you or from your mind’s eye.

Color Photography

Investigate the use of color in photographs as an expressive tool and draw upon digital and analytical skills to create with the same expressive color possibilities of a painter.

History of Photography

Examine techniques, styles, and conceptual approaches utilized by important photographers who shaped the medium both historically and in our contemporary world.


Explore Your Curriculum

As a student in the Photography & Video Program, you’ll develop a range of analog and digital-equipment skills, preparing you to complete an extended image-based portfolio suitable for application to a four-year school. Your courses will expose you to both technical and analytical studies of photography and video, will help you define your intent, and will prepare you for further study or the beginnings of a career.

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Benefit from our rigorous academics, hands-on studio work, and meaningful mentorship from our faculty of practicing, professional artists and designers.

Students listen to professor critique their photography assignments