Tuition and Fees

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An important advantage of DCAD is our tuition, which is considerably lower than other independent colleges of art and design. Thanks to the generous support of the City of Wilmington, students who plan a four-year BFA curriculum may achieve significant savings by completing their first two years of study at DCAD and completing their final two years at another distinguished art and design school.


less expensive than competing art and design schools


of DCAD students receive financial aid


average merit received over the course of two years


average savings compared to competing colleges

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Annual Cost of Attendance – Full-Time Students 

Housing & Meal Plan
Student Housing – Single Room $9,300 /year
Student Housing – Double Room $9,000 /year
Student Housing – Triple Room $8,500 /year
Resident Meal Plan $4,700 /year
Commuter Meal Plan $350 /semester
Direct Costs
Tuition $27,780 /year
Comprehensive Fee $1,720 /year
Indirect Costs
Personal Expenses $1,000 /year
Transportation $750 /year
Miscellaneous Expenses $3,660 /year
Books & Supplies $700 /year
Laptop (requirements below) $2,500 /year
Part-Time Students
Cost per credit $1,350
Comprehensive Fee $1,720 /year
Supply Expenses for Specific Courses
First Year Art Kit $700
Art History Textbook $180
3D Foundation Course - FN140 $250
Sculpture I Course - FA251 $200
Sculpture II Course - FA252 $260




Tuition costs for full-time students apply to those registered for 12 to 18 credits per semester (four to six courses). Students enrolled in less than 12 credits are considered part-time students and will be billed based on the number of credits they are enrolled in each semester.  Direct costs noted above are billed by the College before the start of each semester. Indirect costs are estimated and are not billed by the College and may be incurred throughout the academic year. A tuition deposit of $350 is required to secure your place in class and is refundable until May 1. The deposit is deducted from fall semester billing.


All incoming first-year students are required to have a laptop. Please carefully review our Laptop Requirements to ensure you bring or purchase a laptop that meets specifications needed to participate in DCAD classes.


The Comprehensive Fee covers non-academic costs for items such as communication and network services, student activities and speakers, student health and wellness services, and mandatory insurance coverages.

Housing and Meal Plans 

College housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and is billed on a per-semester basis. The charge for housing covers the semester rental and all utilities. All resident students are required to have the resident meal plan. A housing deposit of $200 secures placement in College housing and is deducted from fall semester billing.

Billing and Payments

Payments may be made with cash, check, credit card, or money order. Students are urged to make any necessary financial arrangements (including financial aid) well in advance of the due dates. All outstanding balances must be remitted by the scheduled dates. Students who are accepted into the Associate of Fine Arts Degree Program after the statement billing date need to contact the Bursar’s Office at 302.622.8867 ext. 218 to make financial arrangements before their registration can be approved.


Change prior to Start of Classes: 100%
Change during First Week: 85%
Change during Second Week: 70%
Change during Third Week: 50%
Change after the Third Week: 0%

This policy is subject to change.