Accessibility and Accommodations

Accessibility and Accommodations

The Delaware College of Art & Design is dedicated to providing equal access in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the ADA of 1990 and the ADA amended.

Students must self-identify as having a disability and needing an accommodation by submitting the Request for Reasonable Accommodation form. Once submitted, a member of the Accommodations Team will reach out to you with further information/paperwork to begin the interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations.

  • Questions concerning housing or meal plan accommodations should be sent to the Office of Student Life, [email protected].
  • Questions concerning academic accommodation should be sent to the Dean’s Office, [email protected].

Student Life Accommodations (Housing or Meal Plan)

Student Life accommodations are only valid for one academic year, and new requests will need to be made each year. Medical records and needs changes for students, therefore new paperwork may be required each year.

Medical Single Requests are granted on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited and specific medical paperwork is required to begin the interactive process, so please submit the Request for Reasonable Accommodation form as soon as possible.

For those requesting Emotional Support Animals (ESA), paperwork specific to the ESA will need to be filled out by your medical provider and submitted along with valid vet records. Please submit the Request for Reasonable Accommodation form to begin this process. Students requesting an ESA on campus must submit documentation that shows a direct link between the diagnosis,  the functional limitations of the diagnosis, and the need for an ESA in Housing.

For those requesting dining accommodations, please submit the Request for Reasonable Accommodation form, and a member of the Accommodations Team will meet with you, along with the Dining Director of DCAD’s Metz Café. Medical paperwork is required for the interactive process of requesting an accommodation.

Academic Accommodations

To ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate services for students with disabilities at DCAD, students who need academic accommodation are required to provide current and comprehensive documentation of their disability. Students and families may submit IEP or 504 Plan documentation as additional documentation to help inform on academic environment or support plan strategies that have been successful, but they are not sufficient on their own to meet the standards required to implement a formal learning accommodation. Additional guidance is provided upon receipt of the request for reasonable accommodation form. Please submit the Request for Reasonable Accommodation form to begin this process. Contact the Dean’s Office with any immediate questions: [email protected]

Students may request, at any time during the semester, to edit or update their accommodations plan based on new evaluation information or treatment plans from their physician or psychologist. The student would follow the same intake procedures by submitting any new documentation and meeting with the Dean’s Office to review and edit the plan before it is disbursed to faculty and advisors.

The Dean’s Office will not disburse accommodation plans that are incomplete or have not been reviewed by the student and confirmed. The Dean’s Office will also not create or disburse accommodation plans for students with expired documentation. The student is responsible for communicating with their faculty if advanced notice is necessary for an accommodation to be in place. An accommodations plan does not guarantee academic success.