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Below is a guide to DCAD’s structure and important offices for students, families, and community partners.

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The Admissions Office determines student applicants’ admissibility and evaluates transcripts at DCAD. Advises potential students on admission requirements and options, transfer/articulation, and related issues.


(302) 622-8000 EXT. 219

Accessibility and Accommodations

The Accessibility and Accommodations Counselor aids students with documented disabilities to provide equal access and the opportunity to participate in College programs, services, and activities by providing classroom accommodations, housing and dining accommodations, student employment accommodations, academic adjustments, and auxiliary aids and services to students. The Counselor will work with students who receive accommodations by providing ongoing case management and support needed to persist toward their development.

(302) 622-8000 EXT. 230

Bursar (Business Office)

The Office of the Bursar manages the cashiering, e-bills, and student account functions of DCAD.

(302) 622-8000 EXT. 218

Continuing Education (CE)

The Continuing and Professional Studies department manages all non-academic programming for the College including, but not limited to, adult non-degree education, middle school summer camps, Pre-College programs for teens, community outreach initiatives, the annual Drawing Marathon, and changing exhibitions in the Toni and Stuart B. Young Gallery.

(302) 622-8000 EXT. 208

Communications & Marketing

The Communications and Marketing team at DCAD is responsible for managing all external and internal communications, including media relations, social media, and promotional materials. If you have questions about college events, news, or need assistance with publicity, they’re the ones to contact.

(302) 622-8000 EXT. 207

Dean’s Office

The Deans Office is responsible for recruitment, appointment and retention of academic administrators, faculty and staff for DCAD. It is also responsible for academic accommodations, assistance, and inquiries regarding a student’s current academic affairs.

(302) 622-8000 EXT. 210

Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office is responsible for preparing and communicating information on financial aid. This office helps students apply for and receive student loans, grants, scholarships, and other types of financial aid.

(302) 622-8000 EXT. 209


The Registrar’s Office is the “Keeper of the Academic Record.” The registrar takes care of the integrity and accuracy in anything involved with the student’s academic history.

(302) 622-8000 EXT. 202

Student Life

The Student Life Office is responsible for the academic support and student life at DCAD, focusing on learning support and delivery systems. This includes Residence Life and Housing, Dining, Counseling Center, JumpstART and Orientation, Commencement, Student Activities, Accommodations, and other areas of co-curricular education.

(302) 622-8000 EXT. 215

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