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Guest Visiting Hours:

Monday through Friday – 6pm – 10pm

Saturday and Sunday – 9am – 10pm

At this time DCAD is not allowing overnight guests

Please email the following information to [email protected] no later than 48 hours of the date of your guest’s arrival:

Student Name:

Guest Name:

Relationship to you:

Date and time of arrival:

All guests must sign in and out with the RA on duty.

By sending this email, you acknowledge that you will need to be with your guests at all times and that your roommate approves of your guest.

Additional Information:

Guests are defined as any person who does not live in an assigned housing unit, – whether they are a student (resident or commuter) at DCAD, or a friend or family member.

All guests must be registered by emailing Randle Reed, [email protected] and must sign in with the RA on duty at the time of their arrival. Guests discovered in the building without a registration on file will be asked to leave, as the guest would be trespassing under those circumstances, and the student host will be processed though the Student Conduct Handbook (SCH). The college reserves the right to invite guests and remove trespassers.

It is mandatory to obtain your roommate(s)’ permission at least 48 hours before inviting guests. Roommates have a right to withhold their approval without explanation or fear of retribution.

A host is allowed a maximum of two guests at any time. A maximum of two guests are allowed in a specific room at a specific time regardless of the amount of students that occupy the room. Guest(s) are allowed to visit for a maximum of three consecutive nights, with a maximum of six visits a month.

Residents are responsible for the actions and behaviors of their guests while in the building or other DCAD properties. Responsibility for guests includes being held accountable for guests’ acting in accordance with the SCH. Should a residents’ guest violate the SCH, the resident will undergo adjudication for the violation as well as violation of the guest policy.

Residents are to accompany their guests at all times. Guests are not to be left in the hosts’ room by themselves, or otherwise be permitted in DCAD spaces (residential or academic) unattended. Guests that are disruptive or cause damage will be asked to leave by an RA or a staff member and must do so immediately or they will be considered trespassers and removed by DCAD security or the Wilmington Police Department. Residents or guests must pay for any guest meals or café foods consumed. Additionally, the host will be held financially responsible for damage caused by their guest.

DCAD is launching a new ticketing system for all maintenance requests replacing the current Microsoft form.

  1. When you have a facility problem or issue, send an email to [email protected].
  2. The subject line should include the building #, room or location, and a brief description of the issue
    1. Example: 707/Room 301/Thermostat not working
  3. In the body of your email, be as specific as possible about the issue or concern
  4. Include a picture, if appropriate
  5. Include a phone number where you can be reached

You should receive an auto-acknowledgment that your ticket is now in the system, and your ticket will be categorized and prioritized.

IF YOUR ISSUE IS URGENT, please be sure to note in your subject line AND the body of your email that it is critical. Examples of critical situations include (but are not limited to) water leaks, broken locks to doors or windows, or any other issue that impacts safety.

If you reported an issue recently that has not been addressed, please send it to [email protected].

Not finding what you’re looking for? Additional forms and information can be found on our resources page.

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