Game Art

Game Art

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Game Art is a new program at DCAD that has its roots in animation and illustration. DCAD alumni already find success as game designers, 3D animators, and VFX artists for tabletop, online, and mobile games. Now we are offering curriculum focused specifically on Game Art to provide creative pathways for artists to join the collaborative effort of game production.

The Game Art program prepares students for art production roles in the multi-faceted and collaborative game design industry. Students gain knowledge of how their visual ideas will influence player experience and the overall realization of the design values of a game. Students will develop a strong understanding of composition, animation principles, storytelling, and sound design to assist in the creation of dynamic UI/UX design.

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What You’ll Learn


To understand how to control gameplay, interaction, and player experience through highly developed visual assets and art production.


To create original characters, environments, props, and other game elements for use in tabletop, mobile, web, or console-based games and applications in projects that demonstrate principles universal to all forms of animation, including the knowledge of gravity and human locomotion.


To experience a variety of design-oriented tasks in the collaborative game design pipeline and process.

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