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Located in the heart of the East Coast, the Delaware College of Art and Design provides a dynamic, supportive education for artists with big dreams.

Our two-year Associates of Fine Arts programs are designed to propel artists into the field of their choice by building strong technical foundations and lasting relationships. Each of our five programs of study allow you to hone your skills in a chosen medium while growing into a well-rounded artist.

Ready to create your future?

Join us at the Mid-Atlantic’s only two-year accredited school of art and design.

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DCAD has been making an impact on education, the arts, and downtown Wilmington for several decades. The funds that DCAD’s Office of Development raises each year are critical to what we are able to offer to our students and the wider community.

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Where do you see yourself?

Explore our programs of study and discover your calling. All of our programs follow demanding, comprehensive curricula that prepare graduates to compete in today’s art and design markets.

DCAD Works for YOU

Our accredited Associates of Fine Arts programs are designed to work towards your post-graduate plans. Whether you plan to jump straight into the workforce or transfer your DCAD credits to a competitive four-year BFA program, we’re here to help you along the way.

DCAD offers a unique educational formula that prepares you for a successful creative career.


Save money while earning credits that are nationally recognized and transferable to other institutions.

Supportive Environment

Experience a close-knit campus and make connections that will last a lifetime.

Talented Faculty

Learn from motivated professors who are highly accomplished in their field.

Career Launch, Or BFA Program

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