Continuing Education

Continuing and Professional Studies

As part of our mission to support and foster Wilmington’s creative community, DCAD offers community programs, courses, and workshops for teens.

For middle school and teen Pre-College programs, please visit DCAD’s Eventbrite page.

Continuing Education

DCAD is not currently offering adult continuing education courses.

Middle School and Pre-College Programs

Explore our middle school and pre-college programs for creative teens.

Middle School and Pre-College Programs

FAQ Continuing Education and Pre-College

Continuing Education courses are designed for all members of our community (middle school age and up) and have been developed to foster personal and professional growth.

The Delaware College of Art and Design is located on the Market Street Mall in the heart of Wilmington’s Downtown Historic District, a few blocks from Rodney Square, the Grand Opera House, the Christina Cultural Center, and Delaware History Museum, as well as many other downtown destinations. DCAD is easily accessible by multiple DART buses. Street parking is also readily available at no charge after 6:00 pm and is free on weekends.

Tuition for each course is indicated as a part of the course description. Tuition is paid at the time of registration.

For information about DCAD’s CE programs, please visit our policies and procedures page.

Want the full DCAD experience?

We welcome artists at any stage of their careers. For more information, please explore our programs of study and choose the area that interests you most.

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