Turn your love of illustration into a life-long career.

The mission of the Illustration program is to prepare students to understand and use imagery to communicate a message  or narrative to impact an audience. In this program, you’ll gain a strong foundation in image creation and project development through applications of traditional and digital media techniques. Upon graduation, you’ll be equipped with the classical training and modern approaches that are desired by contemporary print and web-based publishers.

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What You’ll Learn

Visual Communication

Discover how to convey an idea or create an emotion through your artwork.

Traditional Techniques

Develop strong foundations in traditional hand-drawn approaches to illustration.

Digital Techniques

Become fluent in digital techniques, linking the traditional concepts, theories, and practice of illustration with an ever-evolving marketplace.

Project Process

Apply the process of an illustration project – from research of the subject to developing ideas through sketching – to the finished image.

Cohesive Styles

Create work in series of images maintaining a cohesive stylistic approach and demonstrated execution of Illustration program competencies.

The Illustration Business

Explore the history of the illustration profession and gain a critical understanding of the publishing business.

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Book and Editorial

In the Book and Editorial Concentration, you’ll discover the concepts of visually interpreting narratives for children, young readers, or adults using a cohesive style and technique. This concentration creates a strong foundation in conceptualization, allowing students to become experts in creating artwork that responds to current events, business, social, political or cultural issues.

Sequential Art

In the Sequential Art Concentration, you’ll have the opportunity to create graphic novels, short stories, and comics, all while developing an individual style and graphic vocabulary. You’ll explore creative writing, figure design, typography, graphic storytelling and more.

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