Application for Admission


Complete Online Application

Once you complete your online application, you will be directed to the applicant portal where you can check the status of your DCAD application anytime. Remember, application requirements may take up to two days to process and reflect on the applicant portal.


Submit your portfolio

A portfolio review is required if you would like to apply for a merit award scholarship. After you submit your online application, we’d like to get to know you and your work.

You can schedule your virtual review with admissions through email at [email protected] or by phone at 302.622.8000 x219. Alternatively, you can submit your portfolio online via, or if you have a website or art-based Instagram please include that information on your application.

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2023!


  • We recommend including 10 to 15 pieces of original artwork
  • Drawing from life is recommended
  • Work should be completed within the last two years
  • Your portfolio can include any artwork in the media and style of your choice


Forward Your High School Transcripts

All applicants must have received a high school diploma or the equivalent prior to entering DCAD. Official copies of all high school transcripts must be forwarded to the DCAD Admissions Office and must come directly from your High School via mail, email, or Parchment. SAT and ACT scores are not required. Minimum GPA Requirement is 2.0.