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Pre-College Program

Encourage art at a younger age

Fuel Your Passion Before College

DCAD’s Pre-College Program is designed for high school students who are eager to pursue an art and design education. Our Pre-College Studio Program provides an immersive studio that provides a peek at what it’s like to study art in higher education. Whether you plan on applying to an art and design college, are looking to hone your skills and craft, or if you simply want to try something new, Pre-College is the opportunity you’re looking for!

What is Pre-College?

Each summer, we welcome rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors to attend a one-to-two-week educational program in our studios. Much like our full-time students, our Pre-College students have the choice of one of five major electives: Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Fine Art, or Photography. As a Pre-College student, you will attend courses taught by our talented professors and have the option to stay at 707 Residence, where you will be supervised by one of our resident assistants. Over the course of the program, you will have the opportunity to experience life at DCAD, build your art portfolio, and focus on the medium of your choice.

Grow at Pre-College

Realize Your Potential: Courses are led by DCAD’s engaging professors, who are all practicing professional artists and designers. Expect to be challenged in the classroom and through homework assignments while creating portfolio-building work. Small classes enable students to work closely with professors and their peers, gain valuable experience in critiques and flourish in the inspiring environment that is DCAD.

Experience College Life: Live life as a commuter or a resident on campus for the week. Students may commute, attending classes from 9 AM – 5 PM each day. Residents stay in apartment-style student housing near DCAD’s studios. Current DCAD students and alum serve as Resident Assistants for the week and can offer valuable homework help and insight on what it’s like to attend an art and design college.

Prepare your College Portfolio: Planning on applying to art school after high school? Pre-College is the ideal opportunity to work on your application portfolio, demonstrate your passion for art, and get one-on-one feedback from art professors.

Program logistics

Living on Campus

Resident students stay in the residence hall at 707 N. King Street, which houses the 707 Café dining hall, both of which opened in Fall 2012. While each unit in 707 North King Street has unique features, all are studio-style, divided into two areas, offering separate bedroom space and studio workspace. Each unit also contains a full bathroom, which features marble tile and countertops.

Within the 707 building, residents can find the dining hall, lounge space, and a laundry facility. The dining area, located in the main area of the building, offers free WiFi and space for socializing as well as studying. A Resident Assistant lives on each floor of each building and serves as role models, enforces community policies, provides advice and guidance, and organizes activities. In addition, a member of the Office of Student Services staff lives in the building as yet another resource for residents. Tuition & Fees include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and field trips.

Upcoming dates

July 19-23, 2021 and July 26, 2021.


Tuition & Fees include lunch and optional field trips.

Tuition and Fees for One Week:

Day Student: Tuition & Fees: $650

Residential Student: Tuition & Fees: $950

Tuition and Fees for Two Weeks: (10% discount)

Day Student: Tuition & Fees: $1170

Residential Student: Tuition & Fees: $1710

Once registration materials are received, a confirmation package will be mailed including schedule, course supply lists, a packing list for residents, and forms participants must complete and return prior to arrival.

Refund policy and contact info

Refund requests for withdrawal must be made in writing to the Department of Continuing Education by June 26. No refunds will be processed after this date. Lack of attendance and/or lack of completion does not constitute withdrawal and are not eligible for a refund of tuition or fees.