Open Art Initiative

Introducing the DCAD Open Art Initiative

Aspiring Artists Need Help

From closed museums and studio spaces to the shuttering of our renowned Delaware Art Loop, COVID-19 has kept an entire generation of aspiring artists out of the studio, making it more difficult than ever to make art.

To address this new reality, DCAD President Jean Dahlgren announced on March 15th, the DCAD Open Art Initiative, a collaborative effort designed to raise awareness of COVID-19’s impact on the arts, as well as roll out a series of new offerings designed to increase access to young artists impacted by the pandemic.

As part of the DCAD Open Art Initiative the institution will be:

  • Committing up to $1 million in available merit award scholarships
  • Pushing our merit award scholarship deadline back to July 15, 2021
  • Waiving our portfolio admissions requirement for the upcoming fall 2021 class
  • Eliminating our application fee

Learn more by visiting our admissions page or emailing [email protected].

Ready to start creating?

Two years at DCAD can open a world of creative opportunity. Prepare yourself for a career as a professional artist, build a portfolio, or get a head start on a four-year art program — all while saving money. Apply today or get in touch with the DCAD Admissions office for help getting started.

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