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Technology is changing the career landscape for artists, designers, and other creatives. As part of a new Professional Studies initiative to create pathways for creatives into the fast-growing tech industry, DCAD is offering a 12-week Product Design (UI/UX) course that combines Flatiron School’s proven tech-focused curriculum with DCAD’s expertise in art and design education.

This full-time, accelerated course, which includes twelve 30-minute one-on-one career-coaching sessions for each graduate, is offered exclusively online, making it accessible to you wherever you live.

The Product Design (UI/UX) course is a non-degree program offered by the Department of Continuing and Professional Studies at Delaware College of Art and Design. Successful program graduates will receive a DCAD Certificate of Completion.

Course Viewbook (PDF)

What is product design?

DCAD’s Product Design course powered by Flatiron School curriculum focuses on UX/UI design for digital products we interact with, such as websites or mobile applications. Product Design is a holistic role, one that has ownership over the entire UX and UI process. Coding knowledge is not required, though it can be helpful, which is why this program teaches HTML and CSS basics.


About the course

Product Design is ubiquitous in our lives. The right product design can enhance brand messaging, improve customer loyalty, and communicate company values and principles. Organizations are rapidly hiring product designers that think more about inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability. And the demand from companies for skilled, well-versed product designers remains high.

Through this course, you will learn how to think and build like a product design professional. In each of the four curriculum modules, you will develop key skills through a combination of lectures, labs, group work, and individual assignments.

DCAD’s Product Design (UI/UX) course will help you learn and sharpen the right skills for a new and exciting career to improve the user experience and help drive innovation.

The accelerated online course is 12 weeks, full-time (9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST) plus approximately 20 hours of weekly self-study. Graduates of this course will be equipped for a wide-range of entry-level product design roles and will receive twelve 30-minute one-on-one individualized career coaching sessions.

Each cohort is limited to 20 students. Pre-requisite includes 30-40 hours of Pre-Work which must be completed before Day 1 of the program. Once enrolled, students can complete the Pre-Work at their own pace.

Is this program right for you?

Are you a practicing artist, graphic designer, animator, illustrator, photographer, art educator, interior designer, or just have a strong aesthetic sensibility? This Product Design (UI/UX) course is designed for learners from a wide variety of creative backgrounds with a strong interest in and aptitude for technology.

Do you need to have artistic talent? No! While drawing is a part of UX / UI Product Design, the purpose is to develop and/or communicate ideas. That can be done very simply – meaning, you don’t have to be a creative, just willingness to express yourself visually when needed.

Pick a start date that fits your schedule

Please contact us Full-time (9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST) Online Please contact us for new start dates

Think ahead to next year? Additional start dates for 2024 will be announced in spring 2023.

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Product Design is a career with many opportunities and that is relatively future-proof given how many different disciplines it covers – research, analysis, design, experimentation, and more.

The DCAD Design (UI/UX) course powered by Flatiron curriculum prepares students for a variety of career paths, including UX Designer, UX Researcher, UX Writer, Interaction Designer, UI Designer, UI Engineer, Visual Designer, Communication Designer, Information Architect, or Full Stack Designer, just to name a few.

Graduates of this course will be equipped for a wide range of entry-level product design roles and will have access to twelve 30-minutes career coaching sessions to help you navigate your job search.

DCAD//Flatiron School is a partnership between the Delaware College of Art and Design located in Wilmington, DE and Flatiron School in New York, NY. The partnership leverages DCAD’s expertise in art and design education with Flatiron’s tech talent focused curriculum.

This 12-week, non-degree accelerated course is designed to help you reinvent or establish your career! Whether you want to change careers, or refine your career path, DCAD//Flatiron School’s Product Design (UI/UX) course will help you realize your vision. By marrying DCAD’s and Flatiron School’s expertise, you get the best of both schools to help you navigate your career transformation.

Delaware College of Art and Design‘s Associates of Fine Arts degree has been helping emerging creatives define and shape their careers in Animation, Illustration, Graphic Design, Photography, and Fine Art for 25 years. DCAD’s rigorous curriculum has seeded the careers of 1,000+ alumni in a wide range of creative fields.

Flatiron School has been shaping tech talent for 10 years and is an industry leader in tech education. Their graduates are hired at companies from the Fortune 500 to start-ups.

During the course, you will learn how to think and build like a product designer. In each of the four curriculum modules, you will develop key skills through a combination of lectures, labs, group work, and individual assignments.

Module 1: Process UX
• Design Ethics and Inclusive Design
• Foundational Research
• Ideation and Innovation

Module 2: Process UI
• Visual Composition
• Typography and Color
• Interaction and Animation

Module 3: Studio 1
• Information Architecture
• Evaluative Research
• Designing Applications/Design for the Web

Module 4: Studio 2
• Shaping the Story
• Product Strategy
• Capstone Project and Presentation

Request the Syllabus

Prior to Day 1 of the course, all confirmed enrolled students must complete 30-40 hours of Pre-Work. This is required to start the program and can be completed at your own pace once you are financially cleared. Pre-Work helps ensure you are fully prepared for the Product Design (UI/UX) course.

Minimum Computer Requirements

Hardware MacBook Air or MacBook Pro
Operating Systems Latest version of Mac OSX
Processor 2GHz or faster w/64-bit support
Memory 8 GB+ of RAM required (16 GB recommended)
Hard Drive 128 GB (256 GB recommended)
Hardware Accessories -A working keyboard, trackpad/mouse, display, and power adapter
-Webcam, speakers, and microphone also required.
Administrative Access Required
Networking Hardware Ability to connect to Wi-Fi for internet access (no wired ethernet ports)
Bandwidth Students should have independent access to the internet with bandwidth sufficient to participate in Zoom meetings.
Please Note:
1. Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones do not meet the requirements listed above.
2. Students are responsible for ensuring that their computer meets the program requirements.

This accelerated, immersive course meets online (remotely) Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST for 12 weeks. Daily schedule includes lectures, touchpoints with your cohort, group work with instructor help, paired with design sessions, lab time with instructional staff, and community support.

Students should anticipate approximately 20 hours of additional self-directed study and group work weekly in addition to the daily schedule.

This DCAD accelerated course powered by Flatiron curriculum is ahead of the curve and prepares students for a career in UX/UI or digital Product Design.

Each graduate will be provided with twelve 30-minute individualized one-on-one career coaching sessions with a Flatiron professional coach. They will support your employment search in the digital design industry. This includes resume reviews, job search advice and support from experienced coaches, and mock interviews.

This special program offering is included at no additional cost to all DCAD Product Design (UI/UX) course graduates.

Employment post-program completion varies and is the responsibility of the graduate to prepare for, search, and secure employment.

Your peers will be one of your strongest assets for success. Students work together throughout the day to break through tough technical concepts and gain valuable, real-world work environment experience along the way.

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Once your online application is complete and you’ve met with one of our Admissions counselors, pending no further information is required, students typically receive an admissions decision within five business days.

Product Design (UI/UX) Program

$12,500     |     Including $500 Deposit


  • 12 week full-time instructor-led course delivered online (remotely)
  • 15-20 hours of group and self-study
  • 30-40 hours of Pre-Work completed before Day 1 of the program
  • Twelve 30-minute one-on-one individualized career coaching sessions
  • Delaware College of Art and Design Certificate of Completion

We recognize investing in this course to reinvent or start your new career is a significant commitment and how you pay for this investment is another major decision. To help you realize this opportunity, DCAD offers two payment options:

Pay in full

If payment in full upfront option is right for you, your payment is due to Delaware College of Art and Design at least 15 business days prior to Day 1 of the program. The sooner you pay, the sooner you can start your Pre-Work pre-requisite which also must be complete prior to Day 1 of the program.

DCAD accepts all major credit cards, checks, and money orders/cashier’s checks. Let us know how you would like to pay, and we will facilitate the transaction with you.

Pay with a student loan

DCAD’s accelerated Professional Studies courses do not qualify for federal financial aid. Students may pursue an education loan through 3rd party student loan lenders to help with your education investment. Selected lenders provide computer financing in addition to loans to cover the cost of tuition.

3rd party student loans are available only to students who qualify and students must apply directly. DCAD does not participate in the selection or securing of 3rd party student loans.

Note: Program Applicants must be financially cleared (paid in full or approved by a loan partner) to confirm enrollment and approved to begin the Pre-Work pre-requisite. Tuition balance must be paid to DCAD no later than fifteen (15) business days prior to Day 1 of the course.

We highly recommend you pay your tuition as soon as possible to confirm your enrollment and be cleared to begin your Pre-Work. Space is limited to 20 students per cohort.


To learn more about DCAD’s Product Design (UI/UX) course offered in partnership with Flatiron School, please contact us. Our Admissions team is ready to answer your questions to help ensure this course aligns with your career goals.

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 302.622.8000, ext. 208