Graduation Exhibition – Animation Majors

2021 Animation Exhibition

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Jalen Adderley – “I Hate This Movie”


Tatyana Bonner – “Justification”


Tobi Brown – “Thought ‘fer Thirst”


Ken Catron – “Last Night Out”


Jessica Crowley – “Winter’s Feast”


Theo Dugan – “Find Your Future”


Cameron Dunn – “RUN”


Danielle Gootee – “Pull Me Out”


Wynn Harkin – “Cabin Fever”


Atlas Marvin – “Willow of the Witches”


David Sanchez – “Thoughts”


Elaine Santos – “Two Coins”


John Schroeder – “Happy Hour”


Robert Walls – “Boblin Helps Out”


Gavin Walters – “Pound Cake”