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Penni Gioffre

Professor, Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts
Penni Gioffre (Adjunct Prof. of Liberal Arts) is a teaching-artist with an extensive background in art history, interior design, mixed-media art, and multiple alternative health & wellness modalities. She holds an MA in Art History, an MED in Instruction: Teaching & Learning, a BS in Interior Design, Professional Certification in Aromatherapy, Practitioner Qualification in Color Therapy, and dozens of CE credits in trauma-informed and focusing-oriented expressive arts. A member of the DCAD community since 1999, Penni has taught courses in Continuing Ed, Interior Design, and Liberal Arts, and served as Chair of the LA department during the 2010’s. In addition to her work at DCAD, Penni has taught studio and lecture courses at the University of Delaware, completed numerous residencies in Delaware’s K-12 public schools, and facilitated the integration of arts and healing for a variety of healthcare facilities, wellness communities, and private practices across the state.

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