Faculty and Staff Directory

Elizabeth Saldan

Assistant Director of Student Life
Student Services
Elizabeth Saldan is the Assistant Director of Student Life at the Delaware College of Art and Design.  She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with a secondary concentration in Web Application & Design as well as Spanish.  Liz works as the Building Administrator of the 707 Residence Hall.  Her passion is working with students in Higher Education.  She believes that initiatives centered around developing young aspiring artists are a fundamental part of Student Life and should take place both inside and outside the classroom.  She’s held a lifelong appreciation of the visual and performing arts and is an avid supporter of local and regional artists.  She most looks forward to attending the Chester County Studio Tour each year where she meets different artists, learns about their creative processes, listens to their stories, and supports their incredible contributions to the arts community.

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