Social Media

Social Media at DCAD

DCAD actively maintains the following social media accounts:  

DCAD Instagram:  @DCADedu

DCAD TikTok:  @DCADedu

DCAD Twitter:  @DCADedu

DCAD LinkedIn:  @DCAD


DCAD Facebook: @DCADedu

Students Services Instagram: @DCADStudentServices

Animation Instagram:  @DCADAnimation

Fine Arts Instagram: @DCADFineArts

Graphic Design Instagram:  @DCADDesign

Illustration Instagram:  @DCADIllu

Liberal Arts Instagram:  @DCADLiberalArts

Photography Instagram:  @DCADPhotography

If you have questions or suggestions please email [email protected]. 

Social Media Policy

Social media allows DCAD to connect and engage with the College’s current and future students, their families, alumni, faculty/staff, and the greater community. Communication on social media helps keep the various DCAD audiences informed, aware, and presents an opportunity to begin meaningful dialogue. 

The following policy is applicable for any DCAD staff, faculty, students, or alumni who use social media for and/or on behalf of the College. 

DCAD reserves the right to update this policy at any time. 

Creating Social Media Accounts: Before creating or setting up any DCAD-affiliated social media accounts, please consult with the Director of Digital Marketing ([email protected]) 

Adhere to Brand Standards: Do not use DCAD’s wordmark or lettermark on any personal social media profiles. Do not use DCAD imagery in any way that would violate our Brand Standards. [Insert Link] Do not use the college’s name to promote a product, cause, political party, or candidate.  

Respect Copyright and Fair Use: When posting, be mindful of the copyright and intellectual property rights of others and of the university. 

Protect Confidential and Proprietary Information: Respect the privacy of others. Do not post anything that would be considered private, restricted, or sensitive about either the college, its students, staff, faculty, or alumni. This includes any FERPA-protected student information, and anything that would be considered personal-identifiable information.  

Act Appropriately: Remember, using social media on behalf of the college is a privilege, not a right. The college asks that you maintain the same standards of conduct expected of DCAD staff/faculty and students. The college reserves the right to delete any comments. Comments that include any of the following will be subject to automatic deletion: 

  1. Harassment, hate speech, bullying, or personal attacks toward specific individuals or groups  
  2. Profanity and vulgar or abusive language 
  3. Threats of physical or bodily harm 
  4. Sensitive information 

Terms of Service: Obey the terms of service of any social media platform employed. 

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