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Graphic Design Program

Graphic Design

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Graduates of DCAD’s Graphic Design major navigate exciting paths as they climb career ladders to become noted Designers, Art Directors and Creative Directors. Start with us and join their ranks!

The mission of the Graphic Design Program is to provide students with an understanding of visual design principles and technical skills as a means to successfully convey information to an audience. In this program, you’ll explore relevant design problems, historical theory, typographic principles, and audience awareness. As a result, you’ll gain working knowledge of what it takes to continue your studies at a four-year program. DCAD’s design majors transfer to BFA programs and, upon graduation, find success in design firms, in advertising at agencies nationwide and with PR and MarCom organizations.

What You’ll Learn

Visual Communication

Learn and apply metaphor, meaning and visual syntax to discover how design motivates an audience response.


Apply the principles of art to what is readthrough the understanding of shape, the form of the written line and the pace of the page.

Problem Solving

Through the process of making prototypes, testing those forms, editing and review through critique and tough assessment.

Project research

The gathering of data, its development and application to visualization principles and their application to real world project scenarios

TODAY’S Design Skills

Require a combination of conceptual thinking, an emerging expertise at craft and the ability to work with industry-standard software tools to ensure you have the necessary toolkit to become an effective member of a collaborative team




Communication Design

In the graphic design concentration, you will learn how to create effective and targeted content for print and web media. Thanks to a range of courses in typography to photography, you will be able to write and visualize effective communication. With proven design principles, you will graduate with an understanding of what makes strategic communication powerful.

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Faculty and Staff

John Breakey Program Chair
Graphic Design

Jason Olney Graphic Design

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