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Your Creative Career Starts at DCAD

Congratulations on your Scholarship Eligibility!

At DCAD, you can jump start your career as an artist or designer. This may include continuing beyond your Associates of Fine Arts from DCAD and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree elsewhere (and we’re pretty good at helping students make that transition, if we do say so ourselves). Or perhaps you’re interested in starting that career in game design or freelance photography or graphic design as soon as possible—we’re also pretty great at helping students build their skill set in just two years, at significantly less cost than a 4-year art degree. Whatever your goal (and maybe you’re not sure yet), DCAD is the next step toward your career as an artist or designer.

As you enroll at DCAD beginning fall 2023, you can expect to receive at least $7,500 per year in combined admissions-based scholarship, housing grant, and need based aid – valued at $15,000 over two years! Apply today to begin the admission process and secure your award.

Once you’ve applied for admission, your admissions counselor will contact you to help with the next steps (submitting transcripts, applying for financial aid, etc.).

We would love to host you on campus and show you how DCAD will be a great place to grow as an artist and prepare for your career!

Why Choose

Whether you’re looking to fast-track your creative career, or transfer and save at a four-year art program, DCAD’s unique two-year program model provides everything you need to build your portfolio.  

  • 8:1 student to faculty ratio
  • An immersive foundation year experience
  • Industry-leading retention and graduation rates
  • A rigorous, art-focused curriculum 
  • Articulation agreements with many of the top four-year art programs