Meet DCAD’s New Library Director

In October 2021, Meegs Johnson rejoined the College’s staff as Thronson Library Director. 

Meegs was the librarian at DCAD from 2016-2020, and after a year of working at the public library in Dover, she is delighted to return to DCAD.  

Meegs Johnson Returns to DCAD
Excited to be back!

Meegs has a BFA and is a self-proclaimed art aficionado. She earned her Master in Library & Information Studies at UNC Greensboro, and she has a second Masters in Educational Media from Appalachian State University. She has worked in several college and university libraries, but DCAD is her favorite. 

“The best thing about DCAD is working with the students. They teach me about what they are watching and learning from, and I get to see how quickly they develop studio and digital skills to create fantastic art. What makes my day is when I share a book that a student gets totally inspired by.” 

At DCAD, the librarian works with faculty to maintain and grow the library’s amazing print and digital collections. The Thronson Library’s 18,000 volume collection is the finest art collection in the area. Its purpose is to support the five majors at DCAD and the continuing education programs. 

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