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Penni Gioffre

Adjunct Professor
Liberal Arts
Penni Gioffre, MA, MEd, is an experienced teaching artist and a longtime DCAD faculty member. At the College, she has taught studio (interior design) and art history courses and acted as interim area coordinator of the liberal arts department. Penni’s approach to teaching art/design history combines a traditional emphasis on the recognition of form and style with a broader exploration of the social-cultural-political significance of art and art makers. Courses taught within the department include “Art History II,” “Art History III (Modern Art),” “Introduction to Non-Western Art,” “Visual Dialogues” and “The Sensational Sixties & Seventies.” In addition to DCAD, Penni has taught at the University of Delaware and completed numerous artist residencies in Delaware K-12 schools. She also works outside academia facilitating expressive arts workshops for cancer-related wellness programs and collaborating with mental health professionals on the creation and implementation of trauma-informed, art-based activities and interventions. Research and professional development interests include learner-centered pedagogy in higher ed, contemplative initiatives for academic settings and art making as wellness practice.