Co-Op Program

The Delaware College of Art and Design is pleased to announce a new programming initiative- a co-operative education program- to be inaugurated in the fall of 2016. Students who elect to participate will begin the program between their first and second years of study at DCAD. The first art and design co-operative education program of its kind- DCAD's co-op will afford students the real-world practical application of skills beyond the classroom and studios, encompassing two successive paid internships in the Wilmington area and beyond.

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DCAD's co-op program affords students the opportunities to: 

Engage in two paid internship experiences while pursuing their AFA degree at DCAD- “earning while learning.” Savings from salaries may offset future educational loans, thus reducing debt exposure beyond graduation.

Gain valuable experience in a professional studio or firm, placing them in an advantageous position for the ultimate transfer to complete their BFA degree, potentially leading to more scholarship aid from transfer schools.

Return to their studies with real-world experience and bring those activities and learned skills back with them, thus possessing higher expectations for their work and from the major curriculum. 

Create work, develop further professional contacts, and hone specified skills during the co-op experience that can be important both for transfer portfolio development and for future professional career advancement.

The DCAD co-op is a two consecutive semester program with students beginning their co-op internships the first semester of their sophomore year. Students complete two separate semester-long internships during the academic year (between September and May), with the first in the fall, and the second in the spring. Students are not required to complete their co-op in Wilmington. However, students in the early stages of the co-op program will be encouraged to work in Wilmington. Students with internships in the Wilmington area are offered reduced-rate housing in the Colleges residence halls. Both the DCAD Internship Program Coordinator and the students cultivate co-op internship opportunities. Initially, the co-op program will only be available to Graphic Design and Interior Design majors.  Co-op jobs are not guaranteed. Students must be hired directly by the employer and will not be placed by DCAD. DCAD cannot control, predict or guarantee that any student will be hired in the semester they desire to work. All co-ops will be paid. Students will receive financial compensation for their work, paid directly by their employer. Students are not eligible for financial aid during the co-op internship program. Housing and meal plan options will be available to students completing the program.
Students or businesses interested in learning more on involvement in the program should contact DCAD’s Co-Op Program Coordinator Tracey Mulveny at 302.622.8000 ext. 712 or   

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