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Our collection is focused primarily on fine and applied arts in support of the curriculum and includes books, periodicals, videos, DVDs and sound files.  The electronic resources provide students access to articles from over 600 art and design publications, scholarly introductions to artistic periods, artist biographies as well as high-quality images.  All of these electronic resources are available to students anywhere with an internet connection and in the library from any of its nine computer stations.  In addition to these computer research stations, the library also provides wireless access, a printer, three color scanners, a black and white copier and comfortable study space.

To help students effectively utilize these resources the Library Director is available to provide reference assistance, in-class instruction and to work with students individually.  Materials not available within our collection may be requested through Interlibrary loan or by visiting one of the many library collections in this area; including Wilmington Institute Library, Delaware Historical Society Research Library, Delaware Art Museum, Winterthur Library, and the University of Delaware.

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