The Saville

The Saville

Directly across the street from DCAD sits The Saville. Originally a well-known Wilmington department store, Mullins, The Saville evolved into a luxury apartment building and is now fully-owned and outfitted by DCAD for its students.

The Saville offers DCAD students the convenience of a central location in spacious units.

Home to over 100 DCAD students, each unit at The Saville is unique: bi-level quad and triple opportunities, as well as double studio-style options, are available.  Offering majestic views up and down either historic Market Street of bustling King Street, each unit is individually climate-controlled with air conditioning and heating.

Residential amenities of The Saville include:

  • Full kitchens that include stove, dishwasher, and full refrigerator
  • Twin bed frame and mattress (regular size)
  • Shared closet space
  • Washer/dryer
  • Drafting table and artists' stool 
  • Studio space

Tatiana Copeland Student Center 

On the first floor of The Saville sits the ultra-modern Tatiana Copeland Student Center, a gathering spot offering game tables, study nooks, wireless Internet access, snack machines, and a general hang-out for students. Students can enjoy a wide range of activities in the Student Center from music performances, pool tournaments and poetry readings to study groups and meetings.  

In addition, within the Tatiana Copeland Student Center you will find the DCAD Student Gallery. This space was specifically designed for the DCAD Student Gallery Club. Several times throughout the year, the Student Gallery Club will host student exhibitions highlighting exemplary work from throughout the College.