NEW! Tracks for Photography 2015/2016 –  Traditional, Creative Commercial, Alternative and Photojournalism

Traditional Photography Track – Fine art photography, developing artistic vision and personal aesthetic.

Alternative Photography Track – Historic and modern-day experimental processes that allow for creative investigation.

Creative Commercial Photography Track – Use of light as a tool to produce compelling images, portraiture, merchandising and event photography.

Photojournalism Photography Track  - From documentary to contemporary visual reporting; narrating the story through images.

Mission: Working with a faculty of practicing professionals, students in the Photography program explore technical and aesthetic possibilities while developing their own creative vision. As students gain technical knowledge in the medium, they are also exposed to historical and contemporary photographers works as they begin to explore their own aesthetic and personal choices. This grounding in techniques, tools, and intellectual stimulation leads students to the freedom to create their own powerful, meaningful images.

Program Goals 

Program Competencies

Photography Curriculum

Syllabi with Supply Lists and Costs

      Photography I

      Photography II

      Craft I

      Digital Photography Editing

      Digital Video

      Color Photography

      Craft II

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