Liberal Arts

Artwork by Rody Dufresne
Mission: The mission of DCAD’s Liberal Arts program is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the art history and language skills essential for all aspiring artists and designers.  The curriculum is intended to complement and enrich students’ studio practice through carefully crafted coursework that stresses visual and verbal interaction.  This curriculum comprises three chronological surveys of art history and writing and literature, as well as several general education electives designed to develop effective written and oral communication skills, promote critical thinking, and encourage exploration of various creative, cultural, and intellectual disciplines.  Classrooms are equipped with technology that is an integral part of the teaching and learning experiences.

Liberal Arts Goals

Liberal Arts Competencies

Book List and Prices (all courses)

Art History Syllabi with Book Requirements and Costs

Art History I*

Art History II*

Art History III*

         * Curriculum requirement for all majors

Liberal Arts Syllabi with Book Requirments and Costs

Academic Writing Lab

Reading and Composition

Writing for the Arts

Writing and Literature III*

           * Curriculum requirement for all majors

Liberal Arts Electives - Syllabi with Book Requirements and Costs

After the Artistic Apocalypse

Creative Writing

Introduction to Children's Literature

Lenticular Vision

Modern Space

Moving Pictures

Robin Hood and King Arthur

The Sensational Sixties & Seventies

Visual Dialogues