AFA Program

Artwork by Hilary Cianciosi
The Associate of Fine Arts Degree Program at Delaware College of Art and Design combines studio courses in art and design with liberal arts courses, allowing students to develop basic skills, concepts and values in their respective areas of study.

The AFA curriculum consists of 68 to 70 credits, composed of 43 to 46 credits in studio courses and 24 to 25 credits in liberal arts courses. The fall and spring semesters are 15 weeks. The optional summer semester is overall 14 weeks, divided into two-, four- and six-week intensive classes.

An accredited art and design college, DCAD maintains a concise, comprehensive and demanding curriculum that provides the training and information necessary to compete successfully in today’s art and design markets. All students take a core group of courses designed to develop visual literacy and basic studio techiniques, and emphasize an understanding of the concepts and principles of the visual arts. Schedules are divided between studio courses and liberal arts courses which use materials, concepts and skills that students can apply to their chosen area of study in the second year. In the sophomore year, students are introduced to their chosen areas of study and again take both studio and liberal arts courses. 

In the first semester, each student is introduced to DCAD's six majors through Foundation Seminar, a course that comprises seven, two-week segments that allow for all students to learn more about each major. Students also work within the community, assisting area non-profits with various arts-related projects.

Students enrolled in DCAD's Associate of Fine Arts Degree Program receive thorough preparation for transfer into bachelor of fine arts degree programs at Pratt, the Corcoran, or other distinguished art and design schools. Completion of requirements for the AFA may be accomplished through two years of full-time study.

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