Associate of Fine Arts: Illustration


Tracks for ILLUSTRATION: Book & Editorial Illustration, Sequential Art and Comic Art  

Book and Editorial Track – Book illustration is visually interpreting a narrative for children, young readers, or adults using a cohesive style and technique. Editorial illustration employs a strong conceptual component, visually translating a message regarding current events, business, social, political or cultural issues.

Sequential Art Track –  Create graphic novels and illustrated short stories, developing an individual style and graphic vocabulary.

Comic Art Track – Explore visual storytelling with dramatic action, fantastic adventures and heroic characters through color, line, and dynamic compositions.

Mission: In the Illustration program, students develop and sharpen skills that enable them to visually communicate ideas and to interpret a narrative effectively and convincingly. The program encompasses training of the hand, eye, and mind. Students are taught to become creative problem solvers, visual narrators, exploring ideas from  research through sketches to finished art, which may be drawn, painted, or created on a computer. At the same time, they learn the tools, materials, and techniques as it applies to create persuasive, visually appealing illustrations.

Illustration Curriculum: Book & Editorial Illustration Track, Sequential Art Track or Comic Art Track

Program Goals 
& Competencies

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Illustration I

Illustration II

Media and Methods I

Media and Methods II

Typography I

Visual Communications I

Visual Communications II

Figure Drawing

Drawing Comics

Graphic Storytelling

Introduction to Sequential and Comic Art


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