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Delaware College of Art and Design
"I thoroughly enjoyed this class and was delighted to be able to pursue a personal interest that has been developing over the years. It was hard - but very satisfying - work!"
Donna W.
Interior Design

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For students with a passion for Interior Design, DCAD offers courses that provide a firm foundation in color, materials, lighting, space planning and drawing as well as digital drafting software. Taught by professional interior designers, students gain creative and technical skills through portfolio-building work.  

All Continuing Education students have the opportunity to exhibit their work within DCAD’s Toni & Stuart B. Young Gallery at the annual Continuing Education Exhibition.

Classes are open to the community as part-time, non-degree courses of study.

Join us!  Whether you are interested in sharpening your skills, enhancing your artistic abilities, or advancing your career, we have classes that fit your interests and schedule.  For information, advisement or a tour, contact at 302.622.8867 x.110.

Register now online or via phone (302.622.8867 x.110).

January Winter Workshop:

Instructor: Rosemary Kelly
Tuesday, Jan. 6 – Jan. 27; 6 PM – 9:15 PM
NON–CREDIT Tuition: $175
This four-week workshop will define and explore what it means to design “green.” Beyond solar panels and compact fluorescents, interior designers have many options for incorporating “green” design elements into a space that are energy efficient, come from renewable resources, reduce waste and promote the health of
the environment. Through discussion, demonstration and hands-on project work, students will learn about the design products and approaches available to create eco-friendly and sustainable residential or commercial spaces.

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