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Great news! Thanks in part to the fantastic skills I've developed at DCAD, I've snagged a new job! I'll be managing the institution’s website and social media accounts.   The classes at DCAD have definitely given me an edge against other candidates. I'm very excited for the opportunity.
Leah Dodd, Graphic Design Certificate Graduate

Put your creativity to work.

Delaware College of Art and Design's Certificate Programs are compact, focused courses of study. They are perfect for individuals who wish to explore new careers, enhance current skill sets, and grow both personally and professionally. Certificate Programs are part-time, non-degree areas of study which provide students with the opportunity to accelerate their careers and artistic abilities through focused, compact courses that develop creative and technical skills.

DCAD offers Certificate Programs in the following areas of study:

Art and Design

Graphic Design

Interior Design


Web Design

Combined Certificate in Web & Graphic Design

Register now online or via phone at 302.622.8000 x123.

Enroll as a Certificate Student (one-time fee of $75)

If you would like to learn more, take a tour of the College or find an opportunity to sit in on a class, please call 302.622.8867 ext. 123 or email mtajzler@dcad.edu.


Certificate Programs are part-time, non-degree areas of study which provide students with the opportunity to accelerate their careers and artistic abilities through focused, compact courses that develop creative and technical skills. Classes are conducted in the evening and the weekends, allowing students to pace their studies to fit their life and work schedules.


In order to attain Certificate status, students must:

a) complete all Certificate course requirements and achieve a satisfactory level of competency in each class (a letter grade of C or above equal to a grade of ‘pass’);

b) meet attendance requirements as specified (based on the number of class sessions and acceptable absences, if any);

c) attend a Portfolio Review Workshop for an evaluation of art and design work to demonstrate program proficiency; and

d) satisfy all financial obligations to the College.

Certificate Programs are open to students with a college diploma, high school diploma or equivalent. No portfolio review or special application is required for admittance to Certificate Programs.

Students who wish to enroll in a Certificate Program must contact the Office of Continuing Education to convey intentions and pay the certificate fee. Tuition and fees for each course are listed in the Continuing Education catalog. 

Download estimated tuition and fees for each Certificate Program

 Non-Credit Courses

Students who enroll in a non-credit CE course may request a Pass or Fail grade upon course completion. Students receive continuing education units (CEUs) upon successful completion of a class. CEUS are nationally-recognized units earned by participation in qualified CE Programs which document non-credit work completed. One CEU is awarded for every 10 hours of class participation. CEUS are not equivalent to college credits and no letter grade or official transcript is provided for non-credit coursework.

Please note:

· Any student (whether in a Certificate Program or not) is welcome to take any class provided pre-requisites are met.


Grading Practices

Continuing Education students who are taking classes on a non-credit basis, whether in a certificate program or not, may request a grade of ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ upon course completion. A passing grade is equivalent to a letter grade of ‘C’ or better. General grade descriptions are as follows:

A outstanding achievement

A- very high quality work

B+,B,B- above average achievement

C+,C average achievement

C-,D+, D below average

F failure, no credit

I incomplete

W withdrawal

Course and program-specific competencies are available from each instructor via the Course Outline.

Register now online for a course or via phone 302.622.8867 x123.

2014 Certificate Student Survey Results

While working through the course curriculum for your Certificate Program, which of the following objectives have you been able to accomplish? (multiple answers permitted)

Enhance Artistic Abilities 100%
Start a new career 0%
Start a new position within current industry or profession 0%
Expand current skill set to offer new services and expertise to build business and/or resume 100%
Increase salary  0%
Improve work/life balance 25%
Freelance and/or run own business 50%
Work in an industry which reflects interests and passions 25%

Overall, how would you rate the Certificate Program on the following:

Very Good Good Acceptable
Quality of instruction 100%
Variety of courses 50% 50%
Value of courses 100%
Convenience of courses 100%
Affordability of courses 25% 75%
Ability of Program to enhance your career 25% 75%

100% of all survey respondents would recommend DCAD to a friend or colleague.

(compared to 80% of adult learners at two-year institutions per the 2011 Noel-Levitz Adult Learners-Satisfaction Priorities Report)

For students who seek a degree, you may learn about DCAD's Associate of Fine Arts Degree Program online or by calling 302.622.8000 ext. 110.