DCAD Student
An important advantage of DCAD is its tuition, which is considerably lower than other independent colleges of art and design. This has been made possible by the generous support of the City of Wilmington. Students who plan a four-year BFA curriculum may achieve a significant savings by completing their first two years of study at DCAD and completing their final two years at another distinguished art and design school.

2016-2017 Tuition, Fees and Housing (per semester)
Full-time students
Tuition   $11,595
Academic Facilities Fee     $385
Student Activities Fee     $385
Registration Fee     $50
Housing Deposit*     $350
Student Housing: Quad (four students share unit)    $3,950
Student Housing: Triple (three students share unit)  $3,950
Student Housing: Double (two students share unit)   $3,950
Resident Meal Plan   $2,050
Commuter Meal Plan (optional)   $350
*The Housing Deposit is one-time fee; refundable at the time of departure. 

Part-time students
Cost per credit     $1,005
Registration fee     $50
Academic Facilties Fee     $255
Student Activities Fee     $255

Art Materials, Books and Other Supplies

Summer Semester
DCAD offers an optional 14-week summer semester, which is billed separately from the items listed above. Housing also is available during the summer, should students need it.