Housing and Supplies

Housing & Supplies

Conveniently located, student housing is available at The Saville, located across the street from DCAD, and the 707 N. King Street Residence Hall, located one block north of DCAD. 

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Art Materials, Books, and Other Supplies (estimated)
Students purchase the supplies needed for class work. This expense, while highly variable depending on personal preference, is estimated per student as:

Books (first-year students): $350

Art Kit (first-year students): $675

3-D supplies per semester: $140

Foundations year: Students purchase the preassembled DCAD Art Kit, which supplies them with most of their needs. Based on students’ personal use, some items may need to be replenished and can be found at Jerry's Artarama.

Second year: Each major has unique art material requirements and/or laptop and software recommendations.