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Student artists and designers at the Delaware College of Art and Design show work every day. Every week brings new assignments and new pieces covering the 7,120 square feet of homasote in DCAD’s hallways, classrooms and studios. Assignments are completed with the fundamental skills taught in the classrooms, and enhanced by exploration beyond DCAD's walls. From there, DCAD can offer...

...location. Located just two hours from some of the world’s greatest art, midway between New York City and Washington, DC, students can go see in person what they’ve been discussing in the classroom and then emulate it. The opportunity to view historic and contemporary masters first-hand is a must for every aspiring artist. DCAD's strategic location offers students the neccessary and intimate engagement with their artistic antecendents -- from where so much can be learned. 

...courses led by passionate professors. Their assignments are challenging. DCAD classes are kept small and interactive. Expect class to be peppered with real life anecdotes -- about showing work in NYC, working with a demanding client or traveling on a fellowship to France. They know DCAD students by name and are always accessible, even going so far as to offer late-night assignment advice via Facebook. Professors attend their students' exhibitions. 

...a community supportive of the arts. The Wilmington community often presents exciting opportunities to students at DCAD. The Delaware Museum of Natural History held an exhibition of artwork done by students and Wilmington’s monthly Art Loop almost always features DCAD students, alumni and professors. The opening poster for World Cafe Live’s second location (in the same block as DCAD; the first is in Philadelphia) was designed by DCAD designers. Known as the gateway to the historic Brandywine Valley, Wilmington is home to several major corporations and museums, is rich in artistic, recreational and historic resources, and provides quick mass-transit to Philadelphia and Baltimore.

...a unique Transfer Opportunity: Graduates of DCAD have the unique opportunity of transferring to Pratt Institute in New York or the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC, and other highly-respected colleges nationwide to complete their bachelor's degrees. DCAD's curriculum follows a similar outline to other art school curricula, thus DCAD's credits and classes transfer easily. Faculty advisors and student services staff work closely with each student to prepare and present impressive portfolios when they apply to transfer to other schools.

 ...personal attention: At DCAD, we look at each applicant independently, not in comparison to other students, on the basis of an academic record, and more importantly, on the potential we see in a portfolio. From there, each student is seen as an individual artist or designer.
...reasonable tuition: Importantly, DCAD offers all of this at a reasonable price. DCAD’s tuition is nearly half that of other private art and design colleges. Merit-based scholarships are available to eligible applicants. But make no mistake, tuition savings does not diminish the quality of the education our students receive.

So just think: at any time, your work as a DCAD student may be viewed by the class it was done for, the professor who assigned it, DCAD’s President, a board member, a politician, prospective students, parents, roommates and you. It could be posted to this web site, the DCAD Facebook page or Twitter account, or published in something like the DCAD View Book (seen above). Every February brings the Student Exhibition to DCAD’s gallery. It showcases the best work from the year, essentially the best from the hallways, classrooms and studios. And to do all that, the support you need is there.

See for Yourself:
We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art campus and learn more about the personalized education available at the Delaware College of Art and Design.  DCAD is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.  To receive more information about DCAD, please complete a Request for Information.

Application: Applications are currently being accepted for the Fall 2015 semester and beyond. The deadline to be considered for merit-based scholarships is December 1 for the spring semester, and March 15, for the fall semester.  For students who wish to apply through Early Action Admission, the deadline to submit all requirements is December 1.

Students who decide to attend DCAD must submit a tuition deposit by the universal deposit deadline of May 1. Deposits are refundable prior to May 1. Students requesting housing must also submit a deposit to secure a space in DCAD housing. In most cases, admissions decisions are delivered by mail within a two- to three-week time frame from the date of application completion.